Take Control with Adder

The control room features in a variety of industries and applications, from transport and power management, to broadcasting, military and air traffic control. Throughout these industries, the overall aims, objectives and principles for design remain similar — an environment built around promoting situational awareness with the purpose of control and monitoring.

In any command and control environment, time is one of the most important factors. From receiving data and information from a variety of sources, to analysing it and making mission critical decisions, any delay, be it mere seconds or minutes, has the potential to negatively impact operations. This is perhaps the reason command and control environments are such high-pressure spaces.

Ensuring that these environments remain productive and successful largely comes down to their technology and design. Of course, staff and operations play a key role, but the technology choice and layout create the right foundation for all the other components to fit into place.

Bausch + Lomb

Industrial Control Room

Orange County Fire Authority

Emergency Services Control Room

Heathrow Airport

Air Traffic Control Room