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Please don't edit, modify, distort, rotate, or recolor the Adder logo.

Adder - Logo Overview




Adder's primary color is blue, with an accent palette of grey, purple, blue, green and yellow. Please use the following colors accordingly.

Adder Blue - #1f336b

Adder Palette - Core Blue

Grey - #565656

Adder Palette - Grey

Purple - #7b217e

Adder Palette - Purple

Light Blue - #3eabe6

Adder Palette - Light Blue

Green - #249d96

Adder Palette - Green

Yellow - #e9b410

Adder Palette - Yellow


Naming Usage

Never modify or abbreviate the name "Adder" or any of the associated brands, "AdderLink", "AdderView", "SmartView". The "A" and "L" in AdderLink are always capitalized, as with the "A" and "V" in AdderView and "S" and "V" in Smartview. Always keep them as a single word.

Adder - Naming Usage


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