Business Continuity 

Below is an update on Adder Technology's Business Continuity planning during the COVID-19 outbreak. This page is updated regularly so please check back frequently. In the meantime here is a list of quick links to essential Adder web site content:
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At Adder, our primary concern will always be the safety and security of our employees, alongside ensuring the ongoing success and continuity of our business. As current events unfold, we are focused on the ability of our business to maintain effective productivity. Every effort is being taken to ensure our customers, partners and suppliers receive the quality products and services they have come to expect from Adder.
As such, Adder has taken a number of proactive steps to plan and prepare for the potential impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Firstly, we have established a dedicated Business Continuity Management team, comprising of personnel across the organization, who are responsible for planning and communicating Adder’s business continuity planning. At the center of that plan is ensuring the business operates as normally as possible.
It is important to state that we are not currently experiencing or expecting any significant impact on our supply chain as a result of Covid-19 and we remain vigilant as the location impact of the virus shifts around the world.
To achieve consistent and comprehensive business continuity planning, Adder is leveraging existing and newly introduced processes. For example, it is already common practice to review all critical supply chain partners for ability, capacity, financial health and lead time stability. However, as a manufacturer of technology hardware, the risks that may arise from Covid-19 for all suppliers, not just those in Asia, have been proactively reviewed and detailed discussions held to fully assess and understand the current situation.
For example:
  • Increasing lead time records and place orders earlier on key commodities and assemblies
  • Reviewing component buffers and safety stocks at Adder and with suppliers
  • Reviewing supplier and freight route statuses on a weekly basis
  • Identifying further alternative sources for key and bespoke parts
  • Seeking assistance from key customers to share forward order forecasts
  • Preparing key customer communication plans should the situation significantly change
  • Reviewing our own factory resourcing demands as part of our normal Business Continuity planning
  • Leveraging distributed global warehousing in strategic locations to load balance order fulfilment
We continue to monitor and assess developments daily. Please visit this page to ensure you have the latest updates and information.
Adder Business Continuity Team