Control Room
Control Room

Improve Efficiency and Collaboration

  • Smart switching systems and workplace Video Walls improve global collaboration, providing a holistic view for more effective decision making
  • Operator access to all systems from one keyboard and mouse enables control of multiple systems seamlessly and in real time, ensuring accuracy and improving response times in emergency situations
  • Flexible working environments free from excessive heat and noise enable workers to react rapidly as a team, with improved concentration and accuracy

Increase ROI

  • A growing workforce means systems need to expand flexibly to allow for further sharing of data and functionality
  • Large scale networks can be implemented with a Adder high-performance, digital matrix solutions capable of handling multiple switching and routing functions simultaneously

Maximize Uptime

  • Systems cannot fail and must be fully functional around the clock
  • Virtualized systems put greater emphasis on the need for robustness and uncompromised availability as systems scale up
  • Adder solutions deliver reliable connectivity with multilayer systems offering full redundancy and synchronized control


  • Smart ergonomics optimize the layout of working environments, as well as limiting worker exposure to excessive noise or heat
  • Maximum performance is achieved through the harmonization of people, equipment and information locally and remotely
  • Total system flexibility enables shared access to PCs and related equipment using a single keyboard and mouse per user

Security & Safety

  • Computer equipment is housed within secure, environmentally-controlled areas, leaving working areas free from excessive heat and noise, or even safety risks such as sparks, fires or explosions
  • Minimal equipment can be employed whilst system reliability and security is maximized
  • Access controls protect the security of data and the safety of performing certain tasks


  • Adder high performance IP KVM solutions utilize standard networking protocols for total flexibility
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