Improve Efficiency and Collaboration

  • Direct access for accurate management of operations across potentially vast industrial units
  • Harmonization of automated and human processes
  • Quick and easy access to data, locally or remotely and in real time

Increase ROI

  • Cost management is simplified in environments where facilities and workforces can be very large
  • Highly secure, totally fail-safe solutions seamlessly scale
  • Reliable and flexible solutions can be integrated with existing in-house infrastructure and networking equipment, building on and improving the overall system

Maximize uptime

  • Systems cannot fail and must be fully functional around the clock
  • Data backup ensures instant failover should any machine in the system be compromised


  • Optimized ergonomics limiting worker exposure to excessive noise or heat
  • Pixel perfect content delivered to any monitor on the network with zero latency or interference
  • Reliable, secure connectivity complements process management objectives

Security and Safety

  • Separation of fragile equipment from harsh environments
  • Working areas free from potential safety risks such as sparks, fires or explosions
  • Access controls for secure, remote access for users on site or located away from the main plant


  • Adder high performance IP KVM solutions utilize standard networking protocols for total flexibility
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