Streamline Manufacturing Process and Protect Personnel from Hazardous Environments with Industrial KVM
Industrial and Manufacturing Semiconductor Manufacturing
Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductor manufacturing is a challenging practice that combines complex processes and machinery in a clean room environment. Different types of factory automation equipment must be configured, maintained, and efficiently utilized to guarantee the precision required to build such high-specification components. These machines are typically controlled and monitored using on-board PCs. Technicians and supervisors must enter the clean room to use the equipment, however, this reduces productivity and jeopardizes the integrity of the clean room environment.

KVM solutions give staff local and secure access to semiconductor equipment in the plant, along with centralized remote access for engineers, technicians, and supervisors based outside the clean room. Using a standard network, and without installing remote monitoring software onto each computer, multiple production lines on the factory floor can be monitored and controlled simultaneously for inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting. 

Industrial and Manufacturing Chemical Manufacturing
Chemical Manufacturing

Technology used in chemical manufacturing applications must not only offer the highest levels of security but must also be resilient and robust enough to function in challenging environments. Risks relating to cyber security have led to the chemical manufacturing industry being slower than others to take advantage of technological advancements. However, it has now prepared itself to overcome the risks to take advantage of the benefits. 

Many chemical manufacturing facilities use KVM solutions across their facility to connect users with computers stored in hard-to-reach locations or secure server rooms – mitigating risk and security threats. With KVM, teams working within control rooms can continuously monitor processes and streams of production data in real-time and react upon them in seconds. 

Industrial and Manufacturing Industrial Plant
Industrial Plant

Industrial locations such as oil refineries, steel manufacturing sites, and bio-gas plants are harsh environments juggling extreme temperatures, caustic materials, and high levels of humidity. Operators must be able to access and control the critical operating systems located within the heart of these hazardous surroundings from the safety of a dedicated control room.

Industrial KVM delivers centralized remote access in the toughest environments. Integration with specialist equipment means Adder’s KVM technology can be hardened to ensure performance and minimize downtime. In the control room, KVM supports modernization by connecting legacy technology with new equipment, improves efficiency by streamlining workflows, and empowers operators to access the data they need, when they need it. 

What Does IP KVM Deliver?
Remote Management

KVM solutions support industrial applications when staff are not able to be physically present or computers are remotely located. Unlike remote access software, KVM provides real-time access to computers without exposing them to the public internet and without installing software – meaning efficiency can be increased and response times hastened. 


Adder’s KVM solutions can be integrated with factory automation systems via API’s or combined with purpose-built operator interface systems for seamless operation in hazardous or specialist applications.

security kvm innovation

KVM solutions are often instrumental in an industrial control room – connecting users with new and legacy computers. Technology investments must be futureproof to reduce migration and maintenance costs. Adder continues to innovate and develop KVM solutions that promise a long life cycle and protection against component obsolescence. 

Secure Desktop Management

Industrial control rooms require the highest levels of security. With KVM technology, computers operating critical processes can be housed in a secure location which stops unauthorized access and mitigates internal and external security threats. 


Requiring ultimate reliability and resiliency in some of the toughest conditions, KVM solutions installed by industrial organizations must provide round the clock functionality. Adder’s solutions are ISO9001 certified, deliver full redundancy, and provide remote back-up in the event of a system failure to ensure maximum operational uptime.


By utilizing the existing network, Adder’s IP KVM solutions offer unrivalled levels of flexibility and scalability. Operating over IP delivers consolidated access to different monitoring systems, means experienced engineers can easily set up new lines, and allows technology to be scaled and modernized in line with production needs. 

The Complete Solution

Choose one of the diagrams below to see how KVM can be used in an industrial and manufacturing environment. 

Designing the Control Room of the Future: Free White Paper
Designing the Control Room of the Future: Free White Paper

Modern technology has impacted the ways in which we live and operate. Digital transformation has made our lives easier, faster, and better – but it has also forced us to adapt and evolve. There are perhaps few industries that have been as revolutionized by technology as the control room. 

In our latest whitepaper, we outline some of the changes set to impact the control room and explore how you can be ready to benefit from the change.

Get your industrial control room ready for the future, with IP KVM.

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