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Nuclear Power

Nuclear power station control rooms are an integral part of plant safety – housing controls, data and signals required for secure operation of a plant. As well as monitoring all plant equipment, operators also manage routine surveillance, maintenance, site emergencies and safety incidents. Signals from critical infrastructure are transmitted to the control room so that operators can perform their necessary tasks.

The high pressure, and high risk, nature of these signals requires the utmost levels of security, reliability, and resilience. Designed to operate in these high-risk environments, KVM solutions maximize uptime by offering full redundancy and synchronized control. They improve efficiency by giving real-time remote access to data and increase return on investment through seamless scalability of the network.


When considering an offshore platform, many think about the mechanical complexity. However, they are also a powerhouse of data. Like any data center on land, they need real-time connectivity to operate and grow. Adverse weather conditions and hazardous environments present tough conditions for the operators and computing equipment of offshore plants. Operators must be able to manage processes and analyze data in real-time, without losing data integrity, from computers that have been relocated to purpose-built server rooms.

Separating fragile equipment from harsh conditions prolongs the expected life of expensive computing devices, and reduces the risk of data loss. KVM solutions improve ergonomics, security, efficiency, and collaboration in these mission-critical and hazardous environments. Long range extension with low latency control allows operators to monitor complicated processes offshore, from a safer and more ergonomic environment inland.

Wind-Turbines-Night-Sky Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy

Renewable energies vastly impacting the energy sector. Renewable power plants often use a myriad different methods to generate the power that supplies people with gas, electricity and heat. This level of variety brings complexity, which in turn brings technological challenges. Robust control and monitoring systems are required in the control room, and at the point of generation, to operate these demanding applications. These complex technologies, often controlled by computers housed in difficult to reach locations, require robust data management centers that can manage large quantities of data and a wide range of IT equipment.

KVM solutions afford IT managers improved desktop ergonomics by allowing them to move PCs away from operator desks while still delivering an ‘at-the-PC’ experience. While the target PC and operator may be physically separated, KVM integrates systems, delivers BIOS-level access to the operator, and presents real-time data at the desktop.

What Does IP KVM Deliver?
Remote Access

Utility providers need instant BIOS-level, remote-access to critical systems, which cannot be exposed to outside networks.Hardware-based remote-access products give instantaneous and secure LAN/WAN access to distributed critical computers without requiring software to be installed on the computer, or the computer being exposed to a public network.

Assured Reliability

Energy and utility plants require reliability and resiliency to ensure round the clock functionality. Adder’s solutions are ISO9001 certified , deliver full redundancy, and provide remote back-up in the event of a system failure to ensure maximum operational uptime.

Seamless Integration

Adder’s solutions can be integrated with SCADA software  or combined with purpose-built interface systems for seamless operation in these challenging locations. Adder’s KVM allows data to be collected from legacy equipment and displayed on newer computers. After all, it is far more cost effective to upgrade a PC than a whole SCADA system. 


KVM improves both physical and cyber security throughout the utility plant. Adder’s KVM solutions utilize universal security standards to prevent data security breaches while in-built security measures restrict and log access through layers of identification, user profiles and permissions. 


KVM solutions can be instrumental in a utility plant control room – connecting users with new and legacy computers. Technology investments must be future-proof to reduce migration and maintenance costs. Adder continues to innovate and develop KVM solutions that promise a long lifecycle and protection against component obsolescence. 

Access Control

Power station control rooms require the highest levels of security. With KVM technology, computers operating critical processes can be housed in a secure location which stops unauthorized access and mitigates internal and external security threats. 

The Complete Solution

Choose one of the diagrams below to see how KVM can be used in an energy and utility environment. 

Designing the Control Room of the Future: Free White Paper
Designing the Control Room of the Future: Free White Paper

Modern technology has impacted the ways in which we live and operate. Digital transformation has made our lives easier, faster, and better – but it has also forced us to adapt and evolve. There are perhaps few industries that have been as revolutionized by technology as the control room. 

In our latest whitepaper, we outline some of the changes set to impact the control room and explore how you can be ready to benefit from the change.

Get your control room ready for the future, with IP KVM.

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