Improve Efficiency and Collaboration

  • Patient records and scan results must be easily accessed by networked PCs for administrative and diagnosis purposes, as well during surgical procedures
  • DVI imaging solutions from Adder enable efficient and secure sharing of high resolution digital DVI images within Radiology and Radiography departments
  • Medical data stored on various computers must be easily accessible from different locations by users accessing the system simultaneously

Increase ROI

  • Streamlining of facilities, with switches allowing networks to digitally interconnect with one imaging station, significantly reduces overall costs

Maximize Uptime

  • Reliability and resilience is paramount during medical procedure
  • Data backup ensures instant failover should any machine in the system be compromised


  • Space is often at a premium; smart ergonomics optimize the layout of working environments
  • Ergonomics must enable a totally professional focus on the patient, without interruption by noisy or heat-generating systems
  • Operatives must be able to work efficiently with instantaneous access to data and free of interference due to superfluous hardware

Security and Safety

  • Critical patient data kept in Electronic Medical Records must be totally accurate and protected
  • Data is shared within a secure network to users with the relevant access rights
  • Computers are kept away from sterile environments and imaging rooms
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