Centralize Data and Optimize Workflows with High Performance KVM for Healthcare Applications
Healthcare Centralized Data Management
Centralized Data Management

Centralized data management in healthcare establishments improves data protection, enables better levels of care, and increases efficiency across the organization. It affords specialized expertise and encourages collaboration between clinicians, technicians, and administrators. However, it can also pose significant challenges when it comes to access, control, and reliability. Healthcare professionals must be able to access patient records and scan results, in real-time, and without any degradation of quality.

Adder’s KVM solutions allow medical data stored on various computers to be easily, and simultaneously, accessed from different locations around a hospital ward, surgery or medical campus. By providing centralized access to a network of IT resources, staff can remotely manage all the independent IT operations within the organization.

Helathcare Operating Theaters and Hospital Wards
Operating Theaters and Hospital Wards

Hospital wards, operating theaters, and laboratories are high-pressure environments that rely on specialized staff and machines to provide the highest levels of care. Critical computers that are required to carry out vital tasks must be instantly accessible. However, the sterile, confined, and noise-sensitive nature of these spaces mean they may have to be stored elsewhere to allow clinicians to focus on the task at hand.

KVM technology optimizes the layout and conditions of these high-pressure spaces by relocating computers to an external purpose-built server room. This enables total focus on the patient, without interruption from noisy or heat-generating computers or technical issues caused by potential interference with other devices. By using a single keyboard, video and mouse, operatives can obtain real-time, pixel-perfect access to the information they need to diagnose or treat a patient. 

Healthcare Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging

Clinical settings such as operating theatres and radiology wards often separate computers from the patient area for safety, security, and privacy – instead locating them in a secure server room. Despite this distance, staff still require reliable remote access to administer care. Medical images often need to be distributed electronically around the ward for clinical analysis and medical intervention. To help avoid misdiagnosis, the analysis of these detailed images requires pixel-perfect image quality, often at resolutions up to 4K and above, and low latency delivery across long distances with no image degradation. 

Adder’s full range of high performance solutions deliver the video resolutions, refresh rates, and ultra-low latency demanded by medical imaging applications. Whether opting for a KVM extender, remote access solution, or a more comprehensive KVM matrix, healthcare professionals can rest assured that there is a solution to support them. 

What Does IP KVM Deliver?
Maximize Uptime

Use KVM to digitally interconnect with different imaging stations - reducing the overall cost of ownership. KVM matrix solutions offer full redundancy and synchronized control, while data backup ensures instant failover if any machine in the network should be compromised. 


Adder’s KVM solutions utilize existing IP networks and infrastructure to offer unrivalled levels of flexibility, scalability, and consolidated access to different monitoring systems. 

Remote Access

Hardware-based remote access supports medical staff when they, or computers, are not physically present. Remote access KVM provides real-time access to computers without exposing them to the public internet and without installing software – meaning efficiency can be increased and security is improved. 


Reliable and exact video is paramount to meet the needs of medical imaging applications. Adder’s KVM solutions deliver pixel-perfect video to multiple displays and individual workstations for accurate diagnostics. 


Security and safety of both patients and their data is critical in hospitals and medical practices. Storing patient data requires the highest levels of network security to ensure it does not end up in the wrong hands. KVM allows confidential patient data to be shared within a secure network of users with relevant access rights, minimizing internal and external threat of data breach. 


Managing critical and confidential information in a medical environment requires continuous operation. Separate SFP and system ports using redundant switches providing the option to choose primary and back up controllers for auto failover - ensuring that you can still access data in the event of a network failure. 

The Complete Solution

Choose one of the diagrams below to see how KVM can be used in a healthcare environment. 

Designing the Control Room of the Future: Free White Paper
Designing the Control Room of the Future: Free White Paper

Modern technology has impacted the ways in which we live and operate. Digital transformation has made our lives easier, faster, and better – but it has also forced us to adapt and evolve. There are perhaps few industries that have been as revolutionized by technology as the control room. 

In our latest whitepaper, we outline some of the changes set to impact the control room and explore how you can be ready to benefit from the change.

Get your control room ready for the future, with IP KVM.

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