Improve Control Room Ergonomics and Reduce Response Times with High Performance KVM for Transport Applications

Almost 40 million global flights take off annually, and each flight brings pressure to airport workers. Not only must personnel be able to receive and analyze an ever-increasing quantity of real-time data, from a variety of sources – they must also strive to improve physical resilience, reliability and IT security that could cause delay and disruption to services in the airport. 

Whether you require remote-access for maintenance and diagnostics, or a sophisticated IP KVM matrix to deliver data around the airport, there is a KVM solution to support you. Adder’s solutions are helping global aviation hubs mitigate single points of failure, improve IT security, maximize networking capability, and streamline desktop ergonomics; all to ensure smoother operation for airlines and passengers.


With billions of passengers, millions of journeys and tonnes of freight moving each year, the rail network is one of the world’s most critical infrastructures. Whether operating a cross-country rail network, or an in-city tram system, all areas of your IT network must be optimized to provide a safe and comfortable experience for passengers and operators. Advances in technology have presented huge opportunities for rail providers, but they have also led to rapid increases in data and a greater need for interconnectivity.

To improve passenger and personnel safety, minimize downtime, and maintain efficient service, rail operators must be able to access and analyze realms of real-time information, from different sources, without overcrowding the control room and affecting cognitive ergonomics.


In maritime environments, unique challenges such as unpredictable weather conditions, poor operating environments, and security threats from unauthorised personnel when travelling in dangerous waters are a regular concern. Maritime vessels and control rooms have become reliant on multiple technologies to maintain smooth operation and overcome these challenges. From complex navigation systems to winch controllers, sonars and sensors that monitor the ships processes, each system and the data it generates must be instantly accessible to provide crew with the real-time information they need.

Adder’s KVM technology can help improve security, situational awareness, and give staff the instant access to the applications they need, from a location that is safest and most convenient to them.

What Does IP KVM Deliver?
Multi-head support
Multi-Monitor Support

Video walls play an intrinsic role in the modern transport control room providing full visibility of critical data and video, while operators also rely on multi-monitor, high-resolution, desktop displays to interact with control and management systems. Adder’s KVM solutions support multi-head workstations, in resolutions up to 5K, so operators can easily visualize data in a way that suits them.

Complete control room
Complete Control Room Solution

Adder's integrated control solution combines KVM solutions that scale to your requirements, and work with one another to form a solution that adapts to the needs of your transport control room. Our team of technical experts can help you design a turnkey solution that can be easily installed and maintained, while providing interoperability with other system components and legacy technology.

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

Automation control systems, such as SCADA, help to maintain efficiency, process data for better decision making, and communicate system issues to help reduce downtime. With Adder’s KVM solutions, you can combine traditional automation control systems with more advanced IT equipment to achieve operational excellence.

Ultimate flexibility
Ultimate Flexibility

The vast number of PCs and applications controlled within a transport control center can bring challenges when trying to manage and distribute the content to the right operators, across numerous displays and locations. Whether you are looking for a simple point-to-point solution or a more sophisticated IP KVM matrix, traditional copper connectivity or a more modern fiber configuration, Adder has a solution to support your needs.

Assured Reliability
Assured Reliability

Global transport networks are often 24/7 operations that require round-the-clock IT efficiency to ensure they run smoothly. Adder’s non-intrusive KVM solutions can deliver full redundancy to meet these stringent requirements and provide remote back-up in the event of a system failure to ensure maximum operational uptime. Furthermore, remote access KVM affords engineers the ability to deliver maintenance and support without visiting site.

Centralized Approach
Centralized Approach

KVM brings a centralized approach to the control room by enabling operators to control and access multiple PCs and applications from a single workstation – using only one keyboard and mouse, and a simplified monitor set-up. State-of-the-art technology such as Free-Flow makes it easy to switch between target computers by simply moving the mouse from screen to screen.

The Complete Solution

Choose one of the diagrams below to see how KVM can be used in a transport control room environment. 

Designing the Control Room of the Future: Free White Paper
Designing the Control Room of the Future: Free White Paper

Modern technology has impacted the ways in which we live and operate. Digital transformation has made our lives easier, faster, and better – but it has also forced us to adapt and evolve. There are perhaps few industries that have been as revolutionized by technology as the control room. 

In our latest whitepaper, we outline some of the changes set to impact the control room and explore how you can be ready to benefit from the change.

Get your control room ready for the future, with IP KVM.

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