Air Traffic Control

Improve Efficiency and Collaboration

  • Smart switching systems from Adder improve collaboration, decision making and safe working
  • Various team members, both local and remote to the centralized equipment, access data in real time and with total accuracy and security
  • Large scale networks can be implemented, with a high-performance, digital matrix solution capable of switching and routing any user station to any computer with zero compromise to video quality or secure control

Increase ROI

  • Adder solutions bring efficiency and security benefits as well as being totally flexible, enabling disparate systems to integrate and seamlessly scale
  • Standard networking protocols ensure smooth integration with existing in-house infrastructure and networking equipment, building on and improving the overall system

Maximize Uptime

  • Solutions need to be highly secure and reliable
  • Adder implementations allow reliable switching between primary and backup systems


  • Working areas are free from environmental factors, such as excessive heat and noise, in sometimes inhospitable areas.  Peripherals are reduced to a single keyboard and mouse, enabling workers to focus on tasks with improved concentration and accuracy.
  • System users can access shared PCs and related equipment either within the same room or remotely


  • Remoting of machines protects secure data, separating users from computers to create a physical “air gap”
  • Access controls protect the security of data and the safety of performing certain tasks


  • Adder High Performance IP KVM solutions utilize standard networking protocols for total flexibility
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