We enable our customers in a range of industries to extend, switch, matrix and remotely manage peripherals through:

  • Industry-leading expertise
  • An international distribution and support network
  • Failsafe, resilient and high-performance products and solutions
  • Solutions that enable total control of local, remote and global IT and AV systems.

KVM IP bringing visual perfection, scalability, low latency, resilience, flexibility and management

With over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing connectivity solutions for a global audience, Adder Technology is a thought leader in the field, continually striving to deliver excellence through innovation.

KVM Solutions
Adder's high-performance IP KVM solutions utilize standard networking protocols for complete flexibility, bringing: 

  • Peace of mind to critical infrastructures
  • Sharing and interaction of crystal clear, accurate data within secure networks
  • Low latency, real-time, accurate control and management of remote systems
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructures and tailoring to specific needs
  • Safeguarding of previous investments and minimal disruption to ongoing operations
  • Straightforward expansion in terms of the number of workers or the size of the infrastructure


As part of the ADDERLink™ INFINITY range, ADDERLink INFINITY 1002 is a high performance KVM extender that enables you to locate your critical computing hardware in a secure and temperature controlled environment, isolated from the user work station. Configurable as a single head or single link, this extender provides pixel perfect video with minimal lag across a distance of up to 10km.


The ADDERLink XDIP is designed to improve IT scalability for small to medium businesses. Utilizing a standard 1Gb/s IP network, the XDIP enables users to extend and manage critical PCs with ultra-low latency and HD video. An intuitive API delivers remote control of the matrix and allows the XDIP to be integrated into larger systems, controlled by third party software.