High Performance KVM Designed to Improve Situational Awareness and Collaboration in Mission-Critical Applications
Military control room
Command and Control Room

Operators in command and control (C2) centers need maximum situational awareness to make decisions at a moment’s notice. Situational awareness, and therefore the quality of decision making, rests greatly on the ability to access and process data coming from many different sources – of which many are hosted on different networks with differing security levels. Traditionally, the more applications that need to be managed, the more monitors and USB peripherals required to access and control them. This can result in inefficient, cramped workstations that are unacceptable in high pressure environments.

Adder’s KVM solutions deliver an ergonomic approach to decision making in the control room by giving you the power to access and display your data in a more intuitive way – allowing you to focus on the task at hand, rather than the technology.

Government and Military Simulation Training
Simulation and Training

Simulation is a cost-effective, and safe way, to ensure your personnel are trained ready for combat. Whether using a small visual display or large complex 360o simulator, it is critical that you create an environment that replicates real-world missions. Simulation fidelity, video resolutions, latency tracking, and multi-level security must be considered to ensure that systems are protected and realistic.

Adder’s KVM solutions capture and process high resolution content and encode in real-time – ensuring a realistic and fully synchronized simulation experience. KVM extenders allow PC signals to be extended over long distances for remote operation and better workplace ergonomics, while KVM switch technology gives operators instant and secure access to multiple simulation and training systems from any desk on the network.

Situation Room

Should a mission change, and dedicated space be required to monitor and manage a potential crisis, the ability to seamlessly set up a situation room becomes extremely important. In this scenario, it is paramount that you can rely on technology to adapt, in order to give those in the situation room visibility to critical data while still sharing access to the wider C2 center for collaboration and continuity purposes.

With the adoption of high performance KVM solutions, military organizations can quickly and easily reconfigure control rooms to meet the demands of the mission, or flex and expand their systems to allow for wider sharing and access functionality.

What Does IP KVM Deliver?

Reliable and stable video is paramount to meet the needs of government operations. Adder’s solutions deliver high performance video to multiple displays for operational overview and collaboration-heavy deployments, and to individual workstations – ensuring that you can visualize all critical sources in a single pixel space.

24/7 Reliability

Requiring 24/7 reliability and resiliency in some of the toughest conditions, KVM solutions deployed by the military must provide round the clock functionality. Adder’s solutions deliver full redundancy to meet these requirements and provide remote back-up in the event of a system failure to ensure maximum operational uptime.

security kvm innovation

To reduce migration and maintenance costs, it is vital that technology investments are protected for the future. For over 35 years, Adder has continued to develop solutions that not only promise a long life cycle and protection against component obsolescence, but also meet the form, fit and function of federal applications. 


Adder’s homogenous command and control solution adapts to both your needs, and those of your organization. Designed to operate on a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) framework, Adder’s KVM solutions can be easily installed, and provide interoperability with other system components and legacy technology - promising reliability and flexibility in the most demanding applications. 


Managing critical information in high-pressure scenarios requires continuous operation. Adder’s solutions enable you to separate SFP and system ports using redundant switches, give you the option to choose primary and back up controllers for auto failover, and allow new devices to be auto-configured in the field - ensuring that you can still access your data in the event of a network failure. 


Intelligence operations require the highest levels of physical and digital security to protect sensitive data. KVM gives operators secure access to IT and network sources from a single interface. Combining a host of features such as channel separation, uni-directional data paths and tamper-proof packaging, Adder’s secure KVM means your sensitive data can be securely managed, analyzed, and shared in real-time.

The Complete Solution

Choose one of the diagrams below to see how KVM can be used by government and military organizations. 

Designing the Control Room of the Future: Free White Paper
Designing the Control Room of the Future: Free White Paper

Modern technology has impacted the ways in which we live and operate. Digital transformation has made our lives easier, faster, and better – but it has also forced us to adapt and evolve. There are perhaps few industries that have been as revolutionized by technology as the control room. 

In our latest whitepaper, we outline some of the changes set to impact the control room and explore how you can be ready to benefit from the change.

Get your control room ready for the future, with IP KVM.

KVM Solutions for Government and Military Applications
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