Improve Efficiency and Collaboration

  • Flexibility of working environments is key where team members may need to simultaneously access the same systems
  • Efficient collaboration is key where job roles are shared on a rota basis and teams are dispersed but expected to work closely together
  • Large scale networks can be implemented, with a high-performance, digital matrix solution capable of switching and routing any user station to any computer with zero compromise to video quality or secure control

Increase ROI

  • Growing teams require that systems can flexibly expand to allow for further sharing of data and functionality
  • Adder IP solutions ensure total flexibility and scalability to meet evolving demands

Maximize Uptime

  • Systems must be fully functional around the clock
  • Adder solutions ensure full redundancy to run reliably, 24/7


  • Smart ergonomics ensure workers are not exposed to excessive noise or heat
  • Operatives who may be office based or mobile can be assigned defined access rights to access a range of integrated networks


  • Governments and military IT systems have specialist and rigid requirements for the storage and usability of often highly sensitive data
  • Access controls protect the security of data and the safety of performing certain tasks
  • Content theft can be prevented through network security protocols teamed with an “air gap” between the data and the user


  • Adder High Performance IP KVM solutions utilize standard networking protocols for total flexibility