Streamline Your Workflows and Improve Collaboration with KVM for Media and Entertainment Applications

Live Broadcast

Broadcasters have shifted towards the adoption of IP technology across the entire workflow as it can provide a network suitable for routing audio, video and control around a broadcast facility. Many are now using KVM switching, extension and IP KVM matrix technology to streamline operations, improve cost-efficiency and increase inter-team collaboration.

By using an IP KVM matrix in live broadcast, operators can seamlessly switch from one camera shot or application to the next, at the touch of a button, without the need for multiple workstations. This makes it easier for production teams to manage workflows, and helps to create a smooth transition between shots or segments. KVM technology allows machines to be moved from the control room to an access-controlled server room - eliminating unwanted heat and noise and tightening security.


The smooth running and transmission of radio broadcast rests on a quiet and comfortable working environment in the studio, 24/7 IT reliability, and the ability for staff to access and collaborate across multiple machines and systems in real-time.

Over time, KVM technology has become a go-to within radio production - giving producers quick and easy access to all on-site digital audio workstations and other servers from within the studio. Technology such as KVM extenders allow computers to be re-located to an access-controlled and air conditioned sever room, which eliminates the unwanted noise generated by machines and allows systems to be accessed more efficiently for maintenance and upgrade, outside of the studio.  

Post-Production and VFX

Post-production studios are dynamic environments that require teams of skilled engineers and artists to have access to powerful, reliable, and secure computing technology. They demand uninterrupted and real-time access to on-premise and remote workflows. Locating computers at the desktop poses challenges to both the ergonomic working environment and security. IT departments have long been trying to strike a balance between IT security and user experience.

Many have identified the security and reliability benefits that KVM technology affords. KVM allows computers to be moved away from the editor’s desktop into temperature-controlled and secure server rooms. From a single bay, studio, or remote location, editors can access and control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse - without latency or loss of video quality.   

What Does IP KVM Deliver?
Total Control

With the breadth of Adder’s KVM portfolio, you can adopt a uniformed approach to system access across your facility. Give users familiarity and confidence with increased reliability, the flexibility to grow and adapt your system to suit your needs, and assured compatibility both now and in the future. 


KVM technology promotes flexible workflows and cross-team collaboration throughout your facility. Whether you are trying to share content between editors and colorists in different buildings or allow multiple sound technicians to work on the same project from different studios, KVM allows users to share and access the same content from anywhere.

Seamless Integration

Adder's KVM solutions are designed to be compatible with legacy architecture and new devices in the Adder portfolio. Many can be integrated with third party control systems such as Lawo, Axon, Black Magic, Crestron, Newtek, or AMX, meaning you can be confident that your KVM will be able to interact with other solutions in your workflow.


When it comes to choosing a video resolution, Adder delivers choice and flexibility. Whether you are look for HD video quality, mixing 4K and HD, or an easy upgrade to 5K: there’s a resolution for you. Our proprietary video codec suite delivers pixel-perfect, spatially lossless, and ultra-low latency video so the video received at the desktop is identical to the digital video leaving the source. 

Assured Reliability

Broadcasters must always know the location of their data, who is accessing it, and from where. For broadcasters who need to tighten security even further, Adder’s KVM solutions are compliant with IT standards such as TLS, AES and HTTPS. By allowing high value assets such as computers and disk drives to be moved to secure server rooms, you can greatly reduce the risk of unauthorized access and data theft. 

Remote Support

Broadcasters require flexibility and the technical ability to immediately adapt to new scenarios including remote operation. Adder’s KVM solutions can integrate secure remote access into a new or existing installation so users can access and transfer data from wherever they are located, with the same user experience they are accustomed to at the desk. 

The Complete Solution

Choose one of the diagrams below to see how KVM can be used across the media and entertainment workflow. 

KVM Solutions for Media and Entertainment Applications
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