ADDERView CATx IP 4000 KVM over IP switch grants up to 4 users LAN and WAN access to control up to 24 computers within a small form factor



ADDERView® CATxIP 4000 product is a high density, fully featured KVM over IP switch enabling up to 4 local, remote and global users to access and control up to 24 computers at BIOS level. A combination of USB console support, global IP access and a full KVM feature set ensure high-performance, flexible switching of USB, video and audio signals.  Any type of server can be connected to when combining the ADDERView CATxIP 4000 with the ADDER Computer Access Modules (CAM).  This product is part of the CATx range.

  • Global control of up to 24 multi-platform servers: local and remote access via LAN or WAN
  • Connection options: CATx cabling or IP
  • High performance USB, video and audio
  • Security: through authentication and encryption
  • Flexible Plug and Play installation: easy set up complemented by multi-platform support and flexible expansion
Product codes
AVX4016; AVX4016IP; AVX4024; AVX4024IP

Product Features

  • User access control: Up to 24 different user profiles can be created and access rights for each user can be defined
  • Global User (IP): compatibility with Real VNC client software (or alternative browser), designed specifically for secure, high performance KVM over IP applications
  • Encryption and Authentication: AES128 bit encryption and RSA2048 authentication ensure your control system remains secure at all times
  • USB keyboard and mouse control: any USB style keyboard and mouse can be used to control the ADDERView CATx 4000 switch. Full keyboard re-mapping is supported to ensure seamless cross-platform functionality
  • Faultless video quality: resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz resolutions with Display Data Channel (DDC) emulation 
  • True multi-platform support: support for any computer platforms with PS/2, USB and Sun keyboard and mouse interfaces. Country code reporting, DDC and continuous keyboard and mouse emulation ensure faultless operation
  • Easy cascade: automatically detects cascade connections to support up to 256 computers
  • Optional audio: 44.1kHz digital stereo audio using audio-enabled CAM modules
  • Options port: integration with RS232 controlled power switches to provide a complete hard reboot function
    • Flash upgrade
    • Sync with other CATx 1000 switches for multi-video applications
    • Upload/download CATx 1000 user and host information
    • Remote control
  • Integrated CATx extender: controlled from up to 300m away over CATx cable using an ADDERLink X200 or X100 receiver and the integrated CATx extender
  • Computer Access Modules: Flash upgradeable CAMs are available for PS/2, USB and Sun keyboard and mouse support with optional audio
  • Standard Transmission Distance: KVM communication from switch to target devices can be up to 50m (165ft)
  • Rack mounting: One CATxIP 4000 switch can be mounted in 1U of rack height
  • Power control functions: supported via dedicated serial port 


Approvals / Compliance
⦁    CE
⦁    FCC

Hardware compatibility:
Video, mouse, keyboard and optional audio support for PC, Sun, Mac, RS/6000, Alpha and SGI computers using PS/2, USB or Sun Flash upgradable Computer Access Modules (CAMs)

OS compatibility: 
Operates with all currently known software and operating systems including all Windows versions, DOS, Linux, Unix, BSD, all Sun OS, all Mac OS and NetWare

Video modes: 
Support for standard PC, Sun and Mac video modes up to a resolution of 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz.  DDC emulation supported via connected Computer Access Modules (CAMs)

Cable Guidelines
CAT5e or CAT6 cabling is recommended

0 to 40ºC / 32 to 104ºF

Computer Connections at Switch  
RJ45 (8p8c)

Peripheral Connections Receiver (RX) 
Local console 
⦁    Video: HDD15 socket 
⦁    Keyboard/Mouse: USB type A sockets 
⦁    Audio: 3.5mm stereo jack

Computer connections at Computer 
Video: HDD15, Keyboard/Mouse: choice of USB, PS/2 and Sun MiniDin8
Audio (optional): 3.5mm stereo jack
Network port (ADDERView IP models only) RJ45 10/100Mb auto-sensing Ethernet port.  Other connectors DB9 female for flash upgrade, syncing boxes and other special functions. DB9 male for RS232 triggered power switches. DB9 Male (ADDERView IP only) for modem connection

ADDERView CATxIP: 1U high metal case 482mm/19” (w), 280mm/8.5” (d), 45mm/1.8” (h) (rack mount kits included)

IEC style power lead (100 – 240V AC, 50-60Hz) 
Redundant via 2.5mm DC jack (5V DC, 4A)

ADDERView CATxIP 4000 is available with the following connectivity options:

DisplayPort CAM

DisplayPort CAM 
CATX-DP-USBA: DisplayPort CAM with USB and Audio
CATX-MDP-USBA: Mini DisplayPort CAM with USB and Audio

 Serial Cam

Serial CAM  
CATX-CONSOLE: Serial connectivity to your target machines (only works from AVX5016IP)

CATX-PS2 - PS/2 only 
CATX-PS2-A - PS/2 plus audio
CATX-USB-A USB plus audio
CATX-SUNA - Sun plus audio
Associated products


The ADDER® CATx CONSOLE Serial CAM provides serial connectivity to your target machines. Serial interfaces can be used for server control or power control where serial configuration is available.


CAMs allow the user to connect multiple different machine platforms to an Adder CATx switch or KVM extender. The CATX-SUN Computer access module (CAM) is used to connect to SUN PC's over a switch or connect via an extender.

  • Easy plug and play operation
  • Self powered 
  • Compatible with all adder CATx devices


CAMs allow the user to connect multiple different machine platforms to an Adder CATx switch or KVM extender. The CATX-USB/USBA Computer Access Module (CAM) allows connections to machines with, VGA, Audio and USB ports.


CAMs allow the user to connect multiple different machine platforms to an Adder CATx switch or KVM extender. The ADDER® CATx PS2/PS2A Computer Access Module (CAM) allows connections to machines with, VGA, Audio and PS2 ports. 

ADDERLink X100

ADDERLink X100s have been designed for use in applications where keyboard, mouse, high quality video and audio needs to be extended no more than 100m (330ft) over category 5 or higher UTP cable.

The ADDERLink X100s provide industry-leading video clarity, audio quality and compatibility.

ADDERLink X200

ADDERLink X200s have been designed for use in applications where up to two computers can have their keyboard, video, audio and mouse control extended up to 300 m (1000 ft.) across CAT5 or higher UTP cable.

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Ordering information

ADDERView CATx IP 16 port version:  AVX4016IP-XX 
ADDERView CATx IP 24 port version:  AVX4024IP-XX

XX = Mains Lead Country Code:
UK  = United Kingdom
US  = United States
EURO  = Europe
AUS  = Australia

Compatible Adder rackmount kit options are available.