Adder Free-flow liberates command and control switching

Free-flow edge detection technology enables automated KVM switching

CAMBRIDGE, UK – July 15, 2010 – Adder, the experts in connectivity solutions launch new edge detection switching technology ‘Free-flow’, delivering instantaneous keyboard and mouse control across multiple computers.

Traditionally in order to switch automatically between multiple target computers, a user would have to install software on each machine, or be limited to PS/2 only mice. Free-flow is a breakthrough in USB switching which strips away these limitations.

In use, Free-flow allows you to glide your curser from screen to screen allowing the user to almost forget they are working across multiple different computers. Using the included management application, your screen setup can be configured in almost any way you choose. Nigel Dickens, Technical Director at Adder commented “technology like Free-flow has been a feature of our customer wish list for some time, typically for use in command and control centres and trading floors in banks, and recently we have seen great interest from new markets such as media and production for this technology. We are proud to have delivered such an elegantly conceived, and simple to use solution as Free-flow.”

Free-flow technology is made possible by another unique Adder technology, that of ‘USB true emulation’ which is featured across the AdderView PRO range and AdderLink Infinity. USB True Emulation allows instantaneous switching of USB devices between computers delivering a perfectly smooth transition from one computer to the next. Initially, Free-flow will be added to the CCS4USB Command and Control switch as part of Adder’s continuous improvement policy allowing existing users to upgrade free of charge.

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