Adder Products Ensure Broadcasters Connect at IBC2012

Adder Products Ensure Broadcasters Connect at IBC2012 IBC2012, Booth 7.B33
The AdderLink Infinity digital KVM extender from Adder Technology will be used at IBC2012 to pipe news and information to thousands of attendees across the exhibition and conference in Amsterdam.

Adder, a leader in digital keyboard, video, mouse (D-KVM) and official technology sponsor of IBC2012, will also be showcasing the AdderLink Infinity and the AdderLink Infinity Dual on its stand, which will demonstrate command and control in a mock-up of a video control room.
  Image removed.The AdderLink Infinity solutions offer broadcasters the ability to create a flexible infrastructure, allowing a computer and user to be separated by almost any distance over a gigabit network without any loss in capabilities, reduction in video resolution, audio quality or USB latency.

It has the capability to run any size matrix with DVI, USB, RS232 and Audio on all ports, the only limitation is the user’s network and how the traffic architecture is configured. As a gigabit based matrix switch, the AdderLink Infinity range provides almost unlimited extension possibilities. This makes it an ideal solution for the broadcast industry, allowing any number of studios and control rooms to be connected, wherever they might be located. Designed with Apple in mind, the AdderLink Infinity Dual provides dual link DVI, allowing it to support very large screens such as the popular Apple Cinema Display, or dual monitor set-ups.

Another advantage is that the AdderLink Infinity range removes the noise and heat created by a computer away from the sensitive broadcasting environment, allowing producers to concentrate on what they do best without needless distractions. Also being demonstrated at IBC2012 will be Adder’s innovative CCS4USB FreeFlow Command and Control KM solution, which enables the operator to seamlessly switch between several computers by simply moving the mouse to the desired screen – each connected to individual screens – using just one keyboard and mouse. The CCS4USB supports multi-head allowing connectivity of up to sixteen screens across four computers. A major benefit with FreeFlow technology is that it does not need software installing on mission-critical computers in order to work.

“We are really excited about this year’s IBC,” says Simon Clew, Sales Director at Adder. “The fact that the AdderLink Infinity is being used to stream the Info Channel across IBC means that everyone who attends the exhibition and conference can see what this technology is capable of delivering over long distances.

Visitors to our booth will be able to experience first-hand the extension and switching capabilities our solutions can offer. This is already recognised by broadcasters across the globe, which are using our solutions to power the production of radio and television content to great effect, from content origination and post-production through to the control room.”

Adder will be exhibiting in Booth 7.B33 at IBC, Amsterdam RAI, which runs 7-11 September.
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