The Future of Remote Control Rooms

The Future of Remote Control Rooms Article: Room with a view

Physical control room facilities have changed remarkably little over the past three decades. However, bandwidth improvements coupled with the emergence of sophisticated mobile devices that can capture, send and receive high-quality video and photos have led to a step-change in how we think about control rooms. In theory, the control room can now be wherever it needs to be.

One of the keys to delivering video remotely is the ever growing availability of network bandwidth which will enable better image quality and higher frame rates. Also, by giving users real-time interactivity with remote computers, it is also possible to offer greater levels of collaboration. At Adder, we foresee a future where we’ll soon be able to provide a collaborative experience over high performance LAN, in addition to the WAN option we already offer.

To read more about our vision for the future of control rooms, read our contribution to the feature “Room with a view” in the November issue of InAVate. The digital version is available to read free here.