Adder Takes the Spotlight at NAB New York: Unveiling the Magic of IP KVM in Media and Entertainment

Adder Takes the Spotlight at NAB New York: Unveiling the Magic of IP KVM in Media and Entertainment

Lights, camera, action! ğŸŽ¥

It's that time of year again, when the Big Apple transforms into the ultimate stage for the world of media and entertainment. And guess who's rolling out the red carpet for an unforgettable performance at NAB New York in October? That's right, we are back and ready to steal the show on booth 523!

While we may not be performing stunts and donning Hollywood-style tuxedos, we do have a star-studded line-up of high performance IP KVM solutions that are poised to take the media and entertainment industry by storm. Curious to find out how our technology can make your live broadcast experience run smoother than a perfectly edited movie scene? Let's dive right in.

IP KVM: The Magic Behind the Scenes

Picture this: a live broadcast is about to begin. The pressure is high, and every second counts. But behind the scenes, there's wizardry happening that makes the entire show come to life - and that is IP KVM. It's the unsung hero of the media and entertainment world, and it's the technology that ensures seamless control and access to all your critical systems.

With Adder’s high performance IP KVM solutions, you'll have the power to:

1. Flexibility in Focus: The ADDERLink® INFINITY range allows operators to seamlessly switch from one camera shot or application to the next, at the touch of a button, without the need for multiple workstations. This makes it easier for production teams to manage workflows and helps to create a smooth transition between shots or segments.

2. Pixel-Perfect Clarity: We're talking 4K content, delivered flawlessly to dual-head screens, over a single fiber. The ADDERLink INFINITY 4000 series ensures that every pixel shines brightly, guaranteeing that your teams can access their highly flexible workflows with bolder colors, brighter lights and deeper shadows.

3. No More Hardware Hassles: With the ADDERLink INFINITY 3000 series, you can access unlimited physical and virtual machines without the need for extra hardware. It's like having a magical wand that instantly connects you to any system you desire. The KVM receiver now supports a new range of VDI protocols including HTML5, SSH and VNC, ultra-high definition (UHD) resolutions and digital Display Port audio.

4. Future-Proof Your Operations: The media and entertainment industry is constantly evolving, and you need solutions that can keep up. Adder's IP KVM solutions are built to be future-proof, ensuring that your infrastructure remains adaptable to emerging technologies and changing industry standards. Stay ahead of the curve and be ready for whatever the future holds.

As you stroll down the aisles at NAB, don't forget to make a beeline for booth 523. Our team of experts will be there, ready to show you how our solutions can transform your live broadcast experience. Get hands-on with our innovative technology and see how we can make your life easier behind the scenes.

So, mark your calendars for NAB New York in October, and let Adder be your guide to the magical world of IP KVM.


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