Discovering Visual Excellence: Going Beyond the Display with Adder and Eizo

Discovering Visual Excellence: Going Beyond the Display with Adder and Eizo

In the ever-evolving world of technology, partnerships between companies often yield ground-breaking results. Combining Adder’s award-winning high performance IP KVM with Eizo’s industry leading displays is no different. See it and believe it….

A Seamless Integration of Excellence

Adder and Eizo, a partnership that capitalizes on respective strengths. It's all about creating a seamless integration of excellence, where Eizo's exceptional displays are combined with Adder's connectivity solutions to provide users with the ultimate visual experience.

Imagine a scenario in a broadcast studio where high-definition content needs to be monitored and controlled from a central location. Eizo's top-of-the-line displays offer impeccable color accuracy and clarity, ensuring that every detail is captured accurately. Adder's KVM solutions enable studio operators to switch between different sources and control multiple workstations effortlessly while maintaining a pixel-perfect display. Together, they empower professionals to work more efficiently and deliver superior results.

Jamie Adkin, vice president of sales, EMEA said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Eizo again at IBC. We share a passion for providing pixel perfect video to customers for their media, creative, industrial and control room applications. Showcasing our products together at IBC gives customers great confidence about the performance, functionality and support they can expect from us both. With Eizo CG2700Xand ADDERLink® INFINITY 4001, we show how 4K UHD and HDR content can be extended from a server room to high-end edit suits. Together, we deliver on the key criteria of color graders, video editors and game developers.

More about Eizo's Commitment to Visual Excellence

Eizo, short for Eizo Nanao Corporation, is a Japanese company renowned for its expertise in creating premium display solutions. They are market leaders in the field of visual technology, with a focus on delivering exceptional image quality and color accuracy.

Eizo's displays are trusted by professionals in various industries, from graphic design and photography to medical imaging and air traffic control. They have earned their reputation by consistently pushing the boundaries of visual excellence and innovation.

Adder Technology's Expertise in Connectivity

Adder specializes in high-performance KVM solutions. These products allow users to control and manage multiple computers or devices from a single workstation with ease and precision.

These KVM solutions are valued in mission-critical environments, such as data centers, command and control centers, and broadcast facilities. They excel in minimizing downtime, enhancing operational efficiency, and streamlining the user experience and more.

Whether it's in the realm of graphics and design, healthcare, broadcast, media and entertainment or any other field where precision and clarity matter, the integration of Eizo's displays with Adder's KVM solutions ensures that professionals have the ideal workspace environment.

If you want to take your control room to the next level, then come and find out how on Stand 7.B40 at IBC! It’s not too late to register!

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