The IP KVM People: Unplugged – Fun Packed Five Minutes with Adder’s Warehouse and Stores Manager

The IP KVM People: Unplugged – Fun Packed Five Minutes with Adder’s Warehouse and Stores Manager

Welcome back to The IP KVM People: Unplugged! Where you can learn more about the people at Adder.

In this issue we catch up with Dan Hilbrown, warehouse and stores manager, to find out what he would do to ignite the magic and superpowers of the Adder warehouse.

Welcome Dan, to The IP KVM People: Unplugged!

If you could choose any fictional character to help you manage the Adder warehouse, who would it be and why?

Harry Potter – everyone thinks warehousing and shipping is done by magic so I think he would fit right in.

If you had the power to introduce one unconventional rule or tradition in the warehouse, what would it be and how do you think it would positively impact the team dynamics?

‘Warehouse and shipping accepted vent day’ – My team would be able to present all their frustrations on one day of the year without upsetting anyone. I think this would present some really interesting challenges and solutions.

If you could invite any celebrity or public figure to spend a day working in your warehouse, who would it be and why? What task or responsibility would you assign to them?

Ryan Reynolds, this guy is on our level. The task I would assign him is ‘picking’ as it would hopefully give him more time to have a good laugh with the team. The guy is a modern-day legend with a wicked sense of humor. It would be hilarious if he had his Deadpool superpowers!

In the spirit of innovation and creativity, if you had unlimited resources to invent a groundbreaking product, what problem would it solve, and what features or capabilities would it have to revolutionize the Adder warehouse?

The ‘Wonkervator’ – wherever our stock is, all over the world we could get to it in our Wonkervator reducing lead times.

Why do you love working for Adder?

The optimism, and positive culture. The people we work with genuinely care about our teams, how our products perform and how our customers succeed.

Thank you, Dan, for delivering the goods in that top shelf, fun packed five minutes! Keen to join the team and share the magic? Find out more about our open vacancies here.

Keep an eye out for the next issue of The IP KVM People: Unplugged!


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