Enhancements Announced to Multi-Award Winning 4K IP KVM Solution
  • High-speed USB 2.0 for transparent USB communication
  • Mass storage support, up to 480 Mbps
  • Third-party plug and play support for devices including DaVinci Resolve and Wacom
  • Simplified, faster, KVM browser-based configuration and management

Cambridge, UK, 5 December 2019Adder Technology, a global leader in connectivity solutions and high performance IP KVM has today announced a new feature set for its multi-award-winning ADDERLink™ INFINITY 4000 Series. The 4K IP KVM matrix solution, launched earlier this year, now supports high-speed USB 2.0 for integration with third-party devices alongside simplified configuration for point-to-point extension.

Enabling high speed USB 2.0 link allows transparent USB communication up to 480 Mbps, which is beneficial for those using mass storage devices. The update also allows isochronous communication which introduces plug and play support for USB devices and third party tools, such as DaVinci Resolve Color Grading Panels.

The introduction of an internally generated browser on the receiver unit, allows users to view all end points, alter settings and configure the whole extension without having to access an external browser – simplifying the configuration and set up process.

“The new features introduced to the ADDERLink INFINITY 4000 Series are significant. Plug and play capability for third party devices means that our customers can further streamline their workflows and simplify configuration – saving both set up time and infrastructure costs.” said, Peter Jones, sales manager at Boxer Systems Ltd, approved Adder partner and leading UK IT solutions provider.

John Halksworth, senior product manager, Adder said, “At Adder, customer feedback is key to product design and development. Since its launch earlier this year, the reception towards the ALIF4000 Series has surpassed all our expectations and we are confident that these new features will further contribute to the success of the range.”

The new features are available to all existing ADDERLink INFINITY 4000 customers in firmware update 2.02.

To find out more about the ADDERLink INFINITY 4000 Series, please visit www.adder.com/T4KECTRL.

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