USB2.0 over Gigabit Ethernet LAN

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ADDER® C-USB-LAN is a high performance USB extender that enables you to locate your critical computing hardware away from the user work station whilst maintaining the original user desktop experience. It can transmit USB2.0 over a single CATx cable or via an 1GbE IP network:

  • Transparent USB2.0 operation
  • 100m extension distance
  • Switchable and routable
  • USB2.0 Hi-speed for mass storage devices plus:
  • USB2.0 (low and full speed) for keyboard, mouse, tablet and touch screen
  • Supports USB3.0 controllers
  • Isochronous support for audio devices and web cams
  • Plug and play
Product codes
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Product Features

USB 2.0

Enables connection of any USB human interface device - from mice and keyboards through to touch screens, graphics tablets, jog shuttles, joysticks and 3D explorers. Mass storage devices and isochronous devices such as webcams and headsets can also be used. 

Transparent operation

Once connected, operation is totally transparent to the host system, the USB peripheral(s) and you, the user. There are no drivers to install and your USB devices work precisely as they did before; the only difference is that they are now up to 100 meters away from the host. There is no need for drivers or software to be installed.

Plug and Play

ADDER C-USB-LAN extenders are delivered in a zero config state so you can plug the units in and start working with them straight away. When supplied as pairs, they are already synchronized, so they will locate each other automatically over your network. 

Integrated A.I.M. control 

The C-USB-LAN can be controlled and switched via the ADDERLink INFINITY Manager (A.I.M.), or it can operate separately, as a point to point USB extender using a single length of CATx cable.


An API is available, supporting all functionality to which authorized 3rd party control systems can interface.

Support for audio devices

With Isochronous support the C-USB-LAN will work with USB microphones and headsets as well as web cams.


Hardware compatibility

All computers with USB

USB 2.0 

Supports USB2.0 devices (low, full and high speed). Isochronous devices are supported

Software compatibility

All known operating systems


Transmitter (TX): USB type B, config port, 8p8c Ethernet port
Receiver (RX): USB type A x 4, config port, 8p8c Ethernet port and 2.1mm jack power socket

Physical design 

Compact case, robust metal construction. 100mm/3.9” (w), 26mm/1.0” (h), 76mm/3.0” (d), 0.2kg/0.4lbs each

Power (RX only)

DC jack (1 x power adapter included for RX),100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 0.7A, input to power adapter, 24VDC 24W output from power adapter provides up to 600mA per USB port

Operating temperature 

0 to 50ºC / 32 to 122ºF



Associated products


Adder’s next generation USB, video and audio extender, distributing uncompressed data to deliver sharp, bright, high resolution video images and high quality audio to single user consoles up to 300m/1000ft over a single CATx cable.

The ADDERLink™ X-USB PRO has been designed to provide industry-leading video clarity, compatibility and high rack densities.


Designed for multiscreen desktop environments, ADDERLink® X-USB PRO MS delivers uncompressed USB, VGA video and audio extension up to 300m over a single CATx cable. Two users can remotely access and interact with the same system simultaneously from their respective multiscreen desktop configurations, benefitting from industry-leading video clarity, system compatibility and space

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Adder products are purchasable through our key technology partners. You can find a partners on our where to buy page.

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Ordering information

C-USB-LAN-P-XX: Pair including TX and RX units

C-USB-LAN-R-XX: RX unit only inc PSU

C-USB-LAN-T TX unit only

XX = Mains Lead Country Code:

UK = United Kingdom

US = United States

EURO = Europe

JP = Japan

CN = China

AUS = Australia


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