Flexible switch for sharing high resolution video, audio, and USB between multiple sources.



The ADDERView® 4PRO-DVI (AV4PRO) is designed to enable four computers to be controlled from a single high resolution KVM console using either Dual-Link DVI or high-definition analog video links.

The switch makes use of Adder’s USB True Emulation technology which enables USB HID devices to be continuously emulated to each computer. This unique technology enables instantaneous and reliable hotkey switching.

Two independently switchable USB2.0 channels and an audio channel give the user the flexibility to attach selected peripherals to different computers.

Models are available supporting single, dual, triple, or quad head DVI computers.

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Product Features

Dual link DVI-I with extended profile DDC EDID: The ADDERView® 4PRO-DVI (AV4PRO) features full dual link DVI video delivering up to 4 megapixel resolutions at 60Hz. The AV4PRO features DVI-I, allowing you to choose from digital or analog sources. The extended DDC (Data Display Channel) EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) profile ensures that the switched graphics card is always optimized to work with your screen. The dual link DVI capabilities enable users to work at high resolutions including 2K (2048x1080) for film production and WQXGA (2560x1600) for detailed medical imaging.

True Emulation USB2.0 technology: The AV4PRO features Adder’s advanced True Emulation USB technology. This provides an instantaneous and reliable switching action and makes keyboard hotkey and mouse switching possible. It emulates the true character of the connected devices to all the computers simultaneously, allowing you to use the extra function keys, wheels, buttons and controls that are commonly found on a modern keyboard and mouse.

Independent simultaneous device selection: The switch enables you to use the KVMA console to work on one computer whilst your USB peripherals are connected to other computers and your speakers are playing music from yet another. You can switch all connected devices to any one of the connected computers, as with most other KVM switches.

Channel selection options: The AV4PRO can be switched using selectable keyboard hotkeys, a 3 button mouse or the front panel controls on the unit. You can also use the ADDER® RC4 remote switch. These switching options allow you to rapidly reassign connected devices to any of the connected computers.

Broad USB2.0 hi-speed device support: A vast range of USB devices can be connected to the AV4PRO from non-standard human interface devices (HID) to printers and scanners. This flexibility allows you to scan a set of documents onto one computer whilst working on another and printing from yet another, all at the same time. The USB2.0 switching action has been carefully engineered to ensure maximum computer reliability when connecting and disconnecting USB devices.

Options port for control, synchronization and upgrade: An ‘Options’ port enables the AV4PRO to be remotely switched using simple ASCII codes. When the channel is switched, the same ASCII codes are echoed to the ‘Options’ port. By linking the ‘Options’ ports, two or more units can be switched in synchrony to create a multi-video head switching system. The port enables a 4 button switch unit (ADDER® RC4) to be used with the AV4PRO. The same port can also be used to upgrade the firmware.


Operating Systems and Software Compatibility Software
• All commonly known software and operating systems including Windows®, Linux®, macOS®, and Sun OS.

Computer connections at switch
• USB: USB2.0 Type-B
• Video: Dual link DVI-I (up to 4 per
• Audio: 3.5mm stereo jack

Local KVM console connection:
• Video: Dual link DVI-I (Dual x 2, Triple x 3 or Quad x 4)
• Keyboard/mouse: 2x USB Type-A
• 2x Transparent Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Type-A
• Audio: 3.5mm stereo jack
• Serial: Options 10P10C port

True Emulation:
• Emulates keyboard and mouse on each port, low-speed HID
• USB2.0 devices supported
• Audio: 3.5mm stereo jack.
• Other connections: Options (flash upgrade, sync with other AV4PRO and RS232 triggered power switches): Modular 10P10C

Physical design
• Single head: 1U high metal case, 233mm/9.17”(W) x 115mm/4.52”(D) x 44mm/1.73”(H)
• Multi-head: 2.5U high metal case, 260mm/10.23”(W), 150mm/5.90”(D), 100mm/3.93”(H)

• 2.5mm DC jack (power adapter included)
• 100-240VAC 50/60Hz input to power adapter
• 5VDC 2A output from power adapter

Operating temperature
• 0 to 40ºC/32 to 104ºF


Associated products


Part of the ADDERView® PRO range, the AV8PRO DVI is KVMA switch designed to enable eight computers to be controlled from a single KVM console using either dual link DVI or high definition analog video links. This eight-port switch is available in four-port (AV4PRO DVI), VGA or DisplayPort variants.

ADDERView® 4 PRO DisplayPort

Part of the ADDERView® PRO range, the AV4PRO DisplayPort is designed to enable four computers equipped with DisplayPort technology to be controlled from a single KVM console. This four-port switch is also available in DVI or VGA variants.


Part of the ADDERView® PRO range, the AV4PRO VGA is KVMA switch designed to enable four multi-head computers to be controlled from a single KVM console using analog VGA video links. This four-port switch is available in Multiscreen, DVI or DisplayPort variants.

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What's in the box

1x AV4PRO-DVI switch
1x power supply unit
1x country specific power cable
1x quick start guide

Ordering information

AV4PRO-DVI-XX: AV4PRO-DVI 4 port single head switch
AV4PRO-DVI-DUAL-XX: AV4PRO-DVI 4 port dual head switch
AV4PRO-DVI-TRIPLE-XX: AV4PRO-DVI 4 port triple head switch
AV4PRO-DVI-QUAD-XX: AV4PRO-DVI 4 port quad head switch

Accessories (Sold Separately)
RMK3: Rack mount kit (single-head)
RMK5PROMS: Rack Mount Kit (multi-head)
VSA11: DVI to VGA adaptor
VSCD1: Single link DVI-D to DVI-D Video cable
VSC22: 2m/6.5ft Audio cable
VSCD3 (2m/6ft); VSCD4 (5m/16ft):
Combined dual link DVI-D & USB cable
VSC40: Flash upgrade adapter plus standard 3m/9ft patch lead
RC4-8P8C: RC4 remote control plus standard 3m/9ft patch cable


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