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Adder Creates Atmosphere for London’s Science Museum

IBC2011, Booth 7.B33 ‐ 07 September 2011: The Science Museum is using AdderLink Infinity network extension solution to bring to life a new gallery, ‘Atmosphere: exploring climate science’.

AdderLink Infinity, from KVM connectivity specialist Adder Technology, enables the extension of DVI, USB, RS232 and audio across an IP network, to build a flexible infrastructure.

Up to 60,000 people a month visit the Atmosphere permanent exhibition, which uses a series of games and interactive displays to help develop a greater understanding of the science of climate change in an enjoyable, engaging and memorable way. The museum is using 16 Infinities to provide connectivity between its hard drives and the displays.

The Science Museum chose AdderLink Infinity after an extensive testing round, which involved similar products from other manufacturers. The devices were tested on a variety of criteria including: picture quality; the amount of picture noise; resolution; any changes in colour fidelity; making sure the distance of the display from the unit did not affect quality.

“We needed to be confident that we would have a system that would endure the rigours of the exhibition, which runs between eight and 16 hours a day for 364 days a year,” explains
Dave Patten, head of New Media at the Science Museum.

“AdderLink Infinity scored very well in the tests that we performed and since we have had the systems installed, Adder has been very proactive and responsive in resolving any issues,” continues Dave. “It is very reassuring that you are not just buying the equipment, you are also getting the support that you need.”

“We are delighted that a prestigious institution such as the Science Museum, which exhibits the best examples of innovation of all time, has chosen AdderLink Infinity to power the Atmosphere permanent exhibition,” says John Halksworth, senior product manager at Adder. “This goes to show what a versatile solution AdderLink Infinity is. The attributes that make AdderLink Infinity an ideal solution for the broadcast world – the spatially lossless, colour perfect and lightning fast video performance – makes it ideal for this exhibition.”

The AdderLink Infinity system can be seen alongside the rest of Adder Technology’s KVM technologies, including the new AdderLink Infinity dual at IBC2011 (Amsterdam, 9 ‐ 13 September 2011) on stand 7.B33.

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