Signs That you Need to Upgrade your KVM Solution

Signs That you Need to Upgrade your KVM Solution

In today's fast-paced and technology-driven world, businesses are more heavily reliant on data centers and cloud-based server farms. To keep up with the ever-increasing demands of managing servers and IT infrastructure, it is essential to have the right tools and systems in place. One such tool is a KVM infrastructure, which allows you to remotely manage servers and devices, with ease.

Let's dive in and explore some of the compelling benefits of IP KVM versus traditional KVM. Here are five signs that indicate you are due an upgrade:

1. Need for Multi-Platform Support:
If your infrastructure includes a mix of servers and devices running various operating systems and platforms, an updated IP KVM solution could be a game changer. Solutions such as the ADDERLink® INFINITY range, offer broader support for different platforms, ensuring you can manage a diverse range of servers seamlessly and simultaneously.

2. Space Constraints:
At the desk:  
If your control room is becoming cluttered with multiple monitors, keyboards, and mice disrupting the working environment, you can maximize your desktop environment and improve your workspace ergonomics with Adder’s IP KVM Matrix solutions.

In the server room:  
Or is it your rack space that is the problem? You might find that your rack space is full leaving you no room for new technology. If you need to maximize your rack space, then our ZeroU™ models have got you covered. These flexible, small form factor KVM transmitters deliver high performance KVM and require no rack space.

3. Multiple Locations:
If your business has multiple locations, managing servers at each site can be a logistical nightmare. If this is the case, then leveraging your IP network to remotely connect and manage those resource makes a lot of sense when compared with traditional KVM that requires extension cables or local only servers. Our IP Remote Access solutions, make it possible to centralize server management, allowing you to control global servers from a single, convenient location. This not only simplifies administration and increases flexibility tremendously, but also reduces the need for on-site IT staff at every location.

4. Increased Server Count:
As your business grows, the number of servers and devices in your data center may also increase. Managing an expanding server farm can become unwieldy. Data center scalability and modernization can be easily accommodated with a centralized KVM management system, such as the ADDERLink INFINITY Manager, ensuring you have the capacity to manage your growing infrastructure efficiently.

5. Security: 
In today's cybersecurity landscape, data breaches are a real threat. Traditional KVM switches may lack the robust security features needed to protect your server infrastructure. The  ADDERView Secure KVM range have built in advanced security measures, such as hardware anti-tampering, non-reprogrammable firmware, and no shared ram between channels, to keep your data and infrastructure safe.  Not to mention the Secure range also have various certifications and compliance to meet your needs.

In Summary:
Upgrading to an IP KVM solution offers numerous benefits. Before making the switch, ensure that the system you choose aligns with your specific business needs and goals. Evaluate factors like the number of servers you need to manage, and the level of security required.

For more product information, visit our website and for assistance throughout your upgrade contact us. 


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