Synergy in Innovation: Adder's Dynamic NAB 2024 Collaborations

Synergy in Innovation: Adder's Dynamic NAB 2024 Collaborations

What’s better than industry leading, award-winning IP KVM? Well, in our opinion, industry leading, award-winning IP KVM combined with ground-breaking technology from other innovative companies.

NAB 2024 sees Adder showcasing several exciting partnerships with companies who are leaders in their fields. Read on to discover some of the benefits of combining Adder’s solutions with those of Forecast Consoles and Brown Innovations and visit us on booth W2521B to see these collaborations in action.

See the Difference

Forecast Consoles is a family business with more than 40 years of experience in producing custom-built console furniture, they have established themselves as the go-to solutions provider in their field, continually demonstrating their dedication to pushing the limits of console design and equipment integration.

As a market leader in technical furniture, Forecast’s state-of-the-art solutions are a perfect pairing with Adder’s high performance IP KVM. Control rooms can be high pressure environments which can only operate effectively if they are designed and built in an efficient and productive way, this is something that both Adder and Forecast recognize and prioritize when designing their solutions.

The ADDERView® CCS-MV Multi-Viewer range allows operators to access up to eight computers from one workstation, decluttering the workspace and improving workflows. Forecast manufacture their furniture to be as flexible as possible to accommodate the needs of the operators using it, for instance their sit-to-stand workstations were designed to offer the ergonomic support required when working the often-long hours required in post-production environments.

The combination of Adder’s technology and Forecast’s technical furniture provides the ultimate solution for control rooms, improving situational awareness whilst keeping workspaces clear and easily adaptable to enable the highest level of productivity, flexibility, and comfort.

Hear the Difference

Brown Innovations are experts in sound focusing technologies, their audio solutions can be found in airports, museums, hospitals, restaurants and galleries across the world. Brown use their unique technology to confine sound to a specific listening region, making the sound in that region five times louder than even just a few feet away.

The audio technology produced by Brown integrates seamlessly with Adder’s solutions, perfectly complimenting the crystal clear 5K video quality, high frame rates and color accuracy provided by products such as the ADDERLink® INFINITY 4001. High quality visuals and audio create a more engaging and immersive experience, making the faultless delivery of these elements crucial to anyone working in broadcast and post-production.

Collaborations with leaders like Forecast Consoles and Brown Innovations exemplify Adder's commitment to enhancing user experience across sectors. By integrating state-of-the-art IP KVM solutions with innovative console furniture and advanced sound technologies, it is possible to optimize workflows, maximize productivity, and deliver unparalleled comfort and immersion.

Visit Adder on booth W2521B at NAB 2024 to experience first-hand how these collaborations are shaping the future and transforming the way professionals engage with technology.


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