Adder Expands Award-Winning Multi-Viewer Range

ADDERView® CCS-MV 4228 redefines control room efficiency

  • Directly connect single or dual monitors to eight video, audio, and USB sources.
  • Hybrid Display Port/HDMI 4K UHD inputs and outputs.
  • Access unlimited sources on a network when combined with an ADDERLink® INFINITY IP KVM matrix.
  • Seamless cursor interaction with sources as if using a single desktop.
  • Copy and paste functionality between connected sources.

Cambridge, United Kingdom (12 June 2023)Adder Technology, a global leader in connectivity solutions and high performance IP KVM, today announced the latest addition to the award-winning ADDERView® CCS-Multi-Viewer range, the ADDERView CCS-MV 4228 (CCS-MV 4228). Redefining control room operations the new multi-viewer combines user-centric design, flexible connectivity options and user configurable color-coded options, empowering operators to optimize efficiency and enhance their decision-making process in 4K quality.

Building on the popularity of the four port multi-viewer, operators can now access up to eight different video, audio, and USB signals from a single workstation, in a user customizable window layout, across one or two monitors. By consolidating video signals from multiple sources, the CCS-MV 4228 simplifies the control room desk and allows operators to strike a productive balance between situational awareness and application focus.

Mike Bilbow, assistant athletic director - digital and production at the University of Georgia Athletic Association, said, "I am truly amazed by the capability of the ADDERView CCS Multi-Viewer. Overseeing our digital operation requires the ability to seamlessly monitor all three control rooms and the multi-viewer allows me to do this all from my desk. With access to router feeds, the video wall, confidence cameras, and web GUIs, I can efficiently make changes and troubleshoot multiple rooms simultaneously. The ADDERView CCS Multi-viewer has truly transformed the way I work - providing unmatched convenience, flexibility, and accessibility."

By moving the mouse cursor between windows or across screens, the system will switch between sources in real-time and without latency – resulting in a safer working environment, reduced workplace fatigue and significantly improved productivity. This functionality, combined with configurable, color-coded, window borders, allows users to easily visualize and access their critical data in a more intuitive way.

When used with an ADDERLink® INFINITY IP KVM matrix, users can unleash the enhanced potential of the CCS-MV 4228. By connecting the multi-viewer to eight receivers attached to a matrix, organizations can access any sources on that network and switch between them no matter where they are located; onsite, remote, or virtualized.

Rafael Serrano, head of product management at Adder said, “We understand the immense pressures faced by control room operators. The ADDERView CCS-MV 4228 has been designed from a user-centric perspective. By combining multi-viewer technology with high performance IP KVM, our customers can now benefit from a dynamic command and control solution that is adaptable to the needs of both the user and the organization; allowing them to simplify their workload and achieve peak performance.”

Key features of the ADDERView CCS-MV 4228 include:

  • Natural automatic switching between computers by moving the mouse across windows and screens
  • Hybrid HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity
  • Dual-monitor 4K UHD video connectivity
  • Predefined and personalised window layout canvas
  • High speed transparent USB 2.0
  • Digital and analog audio
  • Audio hold and mixer
  • Copy and paste text between target computers

The ADDERView CCS-MV 4228 is available through Adder’s global network of authorized partners.

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