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This product is now discontinued, but details are still available in our 'Legacy Products' section for information only.

Installing an Intelligent Printer Switch will simplify your local printer sharing and ensure that you get the maximum printing performance from your system. The IPS is fully automatic and requires no software to operate. This removes the hassle associated with manual switching or cable swapping giving users the illusion that they are connected to their own dedicated printer.

Standard cables can be used throughout which often enables existing cables to be utilised. Extended cable lengths are also supported to minimise the need for cable boosters. Using quality cable, lengths of 10 metres (30 feet) from PCs and 100 metres (300 feet) to printers can be used.

The Intelligent Printer Switch offers the ideal solution for no-hassle unidirectional printer sharing. 

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Product Features

Automatic sharing for up to 6 PCs 

Compatible with all unidirectional parallel printers 

Convenient plug-block format using standard IBM type printer cables 

Print performance of up to 75,000 CPS (characters per second) 

Three models available. IPS2 allows 2 to1, IPS4 allows 4 to 1 IPS6 allows 6 to 1

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