Smart switching systems reduce user station complexity and improve the workflow in a wide range of applications resulting in:

  • Improved ergonomics 
  • Increased efficiency 
  • Reduced risk through protection of critical data

System users work in an ergonomically optimized and more flexible environment


The ADDERView™ DDX30 is a high performance KVM Switch that provides powerful functionality inside a small, compact form factor. Featuring Adder’s trusted lossless KVM extension technology with flexi-port switching capability, the DDX30 enables multiple users to access multiple computers located safely and securely inside your server room.


Part of the ADDERView® PRO range, the AV8PRO DVI is KVMA switch designed to enable eight computers to be controlled from a single KVM console using either dual link DVI or high definition analog video links. This eight-port switch is available in four-port (AV4PRO DVI), VGA or DisplayPort variants.


The ADDER® CCS-PRO8 is a Command and Control Switch which enables users to interact with up to eight computers using a single keyboard and mouse.