27 March 2019

IP-based KVM for Outside Broadcasting

The outside broadcast (OB) truck is a microcosm of a studio control room. Placed in any number of settings, from theater productions and sporting...

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20 November 2018

The Growing Need for Flexibility in the Control Room

The control room could be viewed as the central nervous system of a mission critical operation; relying on millions of data points to provide...

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13 November 2018

The Importance of Effective Ergonomics in a Control Room

Control rooms are often mission critical environments where a physical location or distributed service is monitored and controlled by trained...

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5 November 2018

Security in a Mission Critical Control Room

The control room is an integral part of a mission critical business, but this level of dependency also makes it a prime target for cyber criminals.


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3 June 2018

10 benefits of IP-based KVM

Large areas of the broadcast sector are adopting IP across their facilities — using a standard network infrastructure to transport video, USB and data...

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